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About us

It's easy and fun to make something delicious for everyone.

To easily enjoy Japanese cuisine at home -

the answer we thought up in order to make this a reality was a single spice. 


Upon living in Australia for around 7 years, I bore witness to a boom in Japanese cuisine spreading throughout the world. 

At the time, I was working as the main retail buyer and area manager for a major retail store. 

Though there were a large range of high-quality products being sold in Japan, for a variety of different reasons, they couldn't be introduced overseas. 

I was somewhat irritated by this fact, and found myself wanting to change it someday. 


We returned to Japan shortly after. 


Having continued to work non-stop for a long time and in need of a short rest, not to mention taking care of our one-and-a-half year old daughter, I took some time away from work to re-examine our situation. 

After my wife resumed her job, I experienced what it was like to be a stay-at-home dad for a short time, getting a taste of the difficulties in being in charge of all housework and child-rearing responsibilities. 

I had had almost no experience cooking anything at the time, and prepared food by searching for recipes and making them with fumbling hands. 

There are a series of uncertain factors in raising a child, making it hard to find time to concentrate on cooking food. 

I used to think how good it would be to be able to make something delicious and hassle-free. 


It was then that I coincidentally came across a certain Japanese spice: mixed spice that contained powdered soy sauce. 

It was delicious on meat, fish, stir-fried foods and eggs - anything!

Mixing soy sauce with mixed spice was truly a winning combination. 

While having my cooking dilemmas fixed in a spectacular way, I was reminded of my life back in Australia, when I was missing Japanese cuisine.


It would have been so great to have had this spice back then! 

Being able to taste real Japanese flavors in your own home feels like having your own Japanese chef come and visit. 


I began to think that this would be the thing that would please Japanese food lovers around the world the most. 

I found myself wanting to share it with them - and share in their happiness. 


After that, I earnt a qualification as a spice advisor, and together with my wife - who is an aspiring chef herself - we arranged the flavors to be suitable for international tastes, and finally completed our own original soy sauce mixed spice. 


Hakata, Fukuoka - a city with a vast range of delicious foods. 

Having been born in Hakata, we decided to name the spice "Hakata Spice". 


Hakata Spice - your very own exclusive chef.

Hakata Spice Logo
Hakata Spice Representative

Company Profile /

Oceans Trading & Co​

8F, 8-16, Hakataeki-minami 2 Chome, Hakata-KU,

Fukuoka-SHI, Fukuoka JAPAN 812-0016

TEL: (+81) 70-4284-2108


Representative /

After 6 years of experience as the main retail buyer and area manager for 6 major retail stores in Melbourne, Australia, Shinji currently sells unique, popular Japanese products wholesale to countries around the world, in addition to working as a buyer consultant. 
As a spice advisor, he also develops and sells spice products.

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