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Reviewer: bading08

The package arrived nicely wrapped. Thank you for the prompt response 😊. I find it very versatile - I've used it mixed with potatoes, made dressings, sprinkled it on meat before grilling, and even added it to pasta. It's very handy. The cute packaging makes it a great gift too. I'd definitely order again.

Reviewer: napqueen

Thank you very much for your prompt response. This time, I tried marinating chicken with Hakata Spice and baking it. It was a flavor I had never experienced before, but the soy sauce was so delicious that I couldn't stop eating it with rice. I referred to recipes on Cookpad and definitely want to purchase it again. 😊

Reviewer: ninitei

I thought this would make a great New Year's gift, so I bought it for the first time. I immediately tried baking chicken with it, and it was truly delicious with just the "Hakata Spice"! I sautéed some asparagus in the leftover oil, and even with less salt and pepper, it somehow turned out tasty. This would definitely make a wonderful present, not just for New Year's. Once I run out, I'll definitely be buying more.

Reviewer: Constellation

My spouse and I absolutely love this spice. It's much better than salt, pepper, or even soy sauce on fried eggs! We bought a large quantity to share with our relatives in the Kanto region during our year-end visit. The shipping was fast, and the communication was excellent. We're very satisfied.

Reviewer: mipochin

I've never encountered such a well-balanced and delicious spice! It's perfect for not only meat and fish but also fried eggs, steamed vegetables, and stir-fries, making everything taste like it came from a restaurant. I even use it to marinate chicken for fried chicken. Since it's soy sauce-based, the whole family loves it, from kids to adults. I was thrilled to find it here after it disappeared from store shelves. The free shipping is also greatly appreciated.

Reviewer: renchanrinch

I bought this to give to my daughter who started living on her own in April! With this spice, she can make pasta, meat, vegetables, and just about anything taste great without fail. I've never seen such a versatile seasoning before. We keep buying it over and over as soon as we run out, and we've been using it continuously.

Reviewer: An

I recently received this as a gift from a friend, and I was so impressed by how delicious it is that I decided to spread the word by buying some for two more friends. I'm sure they'll love it too! Thank you for the quick and careful shipping. 😊

Reviewer: Y. F

I tried marinating chicken with Hakata Spice and then grilling it. Adding a bit of soy sauce at the end gave it a fragrant aroma that really stimulates the appetite. The various spices, with an occasional spicy kick, are incredibly addictive. I highly recommend Hakata Spice! 😊

Reviewer: K.K

Honestly, i suck at cooking and can never season anything right. But then i met Hakata Spice....  add a pinch into your pasta and, im not even over exaggerating, it turns into restaurant quality.   BLOWS MY MIND! 🤯🙌🙏

Reviewer: S.K

I was drawn to the stylish packaging and bought Hakata Spice at a shop in Fukuoka Airport this March. Later, I found out it had already been quite popular. I love buying local seasonings when I travel, and even though I'm a bit late to the trend, I'm completely hooked on Hakata Spice. I've used it in various dishes, but my current favorite is simply sprinkling it on chilled tofu. The smooth texture of the tofu combined with the crunchiness of the spices is delightful.

Reviewer: S

You can use it on meat, chicken, fish, bread, rice - anything! It's reasonably priced and would make a great gift. I really can't stop repeating my purchases.

Reviewer: G.T

This spice changed my cooking routine, there are so many dishes you can find a use for this. Makes your $2 dish taste like $2,000.
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